5 Groundbreaking inventions of 2011

  • Vibrating Belt for soldiers 

Inventors: Elmar Schmeisser and Linda Elliott

It is a device fitted with accelerometer and a compass that helps soldier feel their way in dark without using torch light, map or GPS device. Its smart alternative to these navigational tools and soldiers also love this new technology.

  • Stark hand

Inventors: Mark Stark

It is a prosthetic hand useful for people with missing appendages especially arms and hands it is mechanically operated and provides a beautiful and versatile solution to hook, It can be used to pick glasses grab rope and its inner surface provides best grip for holding materials like glass and tin can.

  • Medical mirror

Inventors: Ming Zher Poh

This mirror is equipped with a webcam mounted behind the mirror and it is capable of measuring your heartbeat by analyzing amount of light reflected from face it is hoped that the mirror will be able to tell our respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation level also so you need not use any equipment to measure those vital rates just a look at the mirror is sufficient.

  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Inventor: Namon Nassef

It is a miniature water treatment plant that uses waste heat from engines of boats and automobile and converts sewage water into pure drinking water without leaving any solid or liquid residue. Inventor notes writes: "Nassef’s product eliminates the need for large holding tanks, creating more storage space for other needs, such as clean water or cargo. It also eliminates the problem of dumping sewage-holding tanks when there are no convenient places to dump them."

  • DIDO replacement for cellphone towers

Inventor: Steve Perlman's Rearden Companies

DIDO stands for dedicated input dedicated output it is a new technology that claims to have an effective range of 30 miles without any cellphone tower and will be able to transmit data at the speeds 100 times higher than what modern technology can provide that will ultimately result in extremely fast downloads. It is a technology that seems to violate "Shannon's Law" which explains that there is a upper limit to the speed at which data can be transferred wirelessly.