potential alien earth found

The first of its type kepler22b is discovered by kepler space telescope of NASA.The planet is smaller than neptune and its distance from its sun is perfect for keeping water in liquid form its presence in the habitable zone of its star also called the Goldilocks zone is unique among the planets of similar kind found so far and actually it is centered in the Goldilocks zone. The possibility of existence of water in liquid form has raised the possibility of life on it although prior to this two very similar planets Gliese 581d and HD 85512 have been found in past but their mass was comparable with jupiter and saturn like planets and also they were found orbiting at the very edge of goldilock zone for their star and these conditions were unacceptable for sustaining life.

New hope for life beyond earth

The planet is about 2.4 times the radius of earth but its mass and composition is still unknown the quest to measure its mass is beginning next spring from ground-based instrument in the Spanish Canary Islands.The new telescope is capable of measuring with high precision a planet's Doppler velocity—changes in the frequency of light from an object in space as it moves toward or away from Earth.
Kepler's principal investigator at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, said in a statement."The first transit was captured just three days after we declared the spacecraft operationally ready. We witnessed the defining third transit over the 2010 holiday season"The discovery of earth like planet kepler22b in a very near universe 200 light years from our solar system indicates the possibility of finding life  in near future and it is strengthening the belief that life is a very common element of our universe.